Thanks for your interest in Tricor Refining and our pavement preservation and rejuvenation products.

We've put together a collection of YouTube and Vimeo videos to give you a better understanding of the use and benefits of asphalt pavement products and our Reclamite® Asphalt Rejuvenator. The first two videos - "Reclamite Asphalt Rejuvenator, Pink is the New Black" and "Road Age," really capture the importance of pavement preservation and how regularly maintained roads are crucial to economic stability and a safe, adequate infrastructure.

  • Rejuvenator 101 Tricor Introduction

  • Introduction to Reclamite®

  • Introduction to Reclamite® (Spanish)

  • Introduction to CRF

  • CRF Rekma

  • Pothole Prevention

  • Road Age (by Asphalt Pavement Alliance)

  • Fix The Roads! (by Transportation California)

  • Wake Up California! (by Transportation California)

  • 13 Year Rejuvenator Case Study of Town of Avon

  • Reclamite® Application (Grooved Asphalt Pavement)

  • Rejuvenator Pugmill Mixing

  • Cyclogen® Hot and Cold Recycling Oil